Skyfall Basin: Into The Breach

Paragon Tier - Session 2

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Here: Jonah (Jeton), Jacob (Tim), Erin (Cutter), Rob (Wogar), Chris (DM), Yhsla (Nala), Nick (Halgar).

-Continuation of fight from last session.
So, we’re dominated. How great is that?
-Tiefling messes up spell, Halgar gets to boss him around
Nala: “Jeton, slut of the heavens.” Jeton: “Not just the heavens.”
-Halgar runs away. Then charges all the way back and does all the pushing.
-Dwarf fumbles and drops his hammer. Yoink!
Fluttershy /= Pulse
-Nala makes a Pez dispenser of the ogre.

Yay, we win. Dwarf is a follower of Abbathor (Dwarven god of avarice), believes the god told him to come here (to this spot on the road) to become rich (by robbing travelers). The others, who he calls his ‘Disciples’, are really just there to make $$$.

-Killed the gnoll, 1 of the bandits, and the ogre. The female bandit, the dwarf, and the tiefling wizard are captured alive, to be taken to Shatterstone to stand trial for their crimes.

Items Cloak of Resistance +3, Gleaming Drakescale +2, Stout Warhammer +2, Cape of the Mountebank +1. Cutter takes the Cloak of Resistance, Nala takes the Stout Warhammer and Cutter gives her an Amulet of Life +2 (since she now has a Cloak of Resistance +3).

Plan for the unclaimed items Grind them down into residuum. Drakescale is worth 2600gp, Cape of the Mountebank is worth 1000gp, ground down that equals 1800gp worth of residuum. As of session #2 these items are not yet ground down.

-Arrive at Shatterstone. Please read up about the city here.

-The first entry area of Shatterstone leads directly to the market, you go through the market to get everywhere else. We bring the prisoners to the Stonehold.

-Cutter goes off to look for a ‘contact’, fails and almost reveals herself to a dwarven baker on accident.
I think you’re in the wrong place. Are you like a spy or something?

-Jeton and Pulse (his Pegasus) ask around at the Shops about what Vorlakk was doing. Not much info.

Nala, Halgar, and Wogar go to talk to Yorgrave about what Vorlakk was doing. Yorgrave was initially sworn to secrecy, decides to share what happened.

“Several years ago, an adventurer came to Shatterstone from the Deeps, very injured, barely coherent. Bits of his flesh were turned into clear jelly.” Nala and Wogar both don’t do well enough on Healing and Dungeoneering checks to determine what did this. “The adventurer spoke of a ‘solar lens’, ‘relic to end the world’, ‘must be kept out of their hands’” Does not say who they are. “Vorlakk interviewed the adventurer extensively himself until the adventurer died of his wounds. Vorlakk then ordered the written copies of the interviews destroyed.” (Which Yorgrave did himself.) “Vorlakk then went off to ‘consult wit allies’ in Haden, spending many years away before returning, sending off a message with the Sending Stones, then disappearing into the Shattered Lands.” (Two years later we receive the cut-off message from Vorlakk.)

-Tim is keeping tabs on the Black market of Shatterstone, visits an Alchemist named Emilio (an Ettercap) who lives in the Down Below. Tim only learns that there has been sporadic grumbling against Yorgrave (a soulless Dragonforged) ruling the city. Nothing serious or big, just occasional grumblings.

-Tim is travelling back up to the main caverns when a beggar who appears to be blind calls to him specifically and offers info for $$$. Soon after someone tries to kill Tim. (A Goliath butcher).

Fight, fight, fight.
-Cutter comes around the corner and, recognizing Tim from descriptions by the other party members, comes to his aid.
-Goliath tends to dodge attacks before they’ve even begun. Strong feeling in both Tim and Cutter of being watched over their shoulders.
-Beggar runs off from the fight and disappears.
-Tim calls for the guards, Cutter has the Goliath pinned.
Goliath goes into a seizure, his shadow seems to become a physical thing, then disappears. The Goliath dies.

Shatterstone celebrates 560 different Holy Days – we’ve had to double up.
Orc Skull Festival, Goliath Mourning Day, Dwarf Mardi Gras, Goblin Underfoot Day…

-Guards come, bring everyone involved in the fight to the Stonehold. Inquest is done, Tim and Cutter are proved innocent of murder. Turns out these sorts of attacks have happened before against prominent members of society, particularly those associated with the Council. The possessed Goliath was named Horst, apparently a well-respected member of Shatterstone.

-Nala does an arcane check on the body, seems like a psionic possession, not an undead one.

-Cutter and Wogar take up a collection to have Horst resurrected.

-Nala performs the resurrection, the ritual fails. Religion check, Horst’s soul is not whole, it seems to be torn to pieces, with bits missing.

-Turns out the guards know the beggar (description of blindfold and floppy hat, old man), a guy named Zeth. They bring him in to question, he confirms the story. Zeth claims to be an old relic explorer who was blinded by an ancient poison. His record lists petty crimes.

(This is knowledge only Nala has: Nala realizes after a perception and heal checks, that Zeth is not actually blind. She follows him out and invites him to a tavern, then offers him a well-paid job acting as a spy for the guards in New Arkhosia. If he doesn’t agree, she hints that she’ll tell all his contacts that he’s not actually blind. He asks if he can have 30 minutes to prove that he’s more useful in Shatterstone, comes back with a Token of Loyalty from Vorlakk, meaning he works directly on Vorlakk’s behalf. So Nala asks if there is anyone Zeth would recommend in his stead who isn’t working for Vorlakk, she is told about Lady Praxit, a Nidrakeen. Ends up convincing her to check out New Arkhosia, gives her a letter of recommendation to show Sililat.)

“He’s one fast mutha-” “Shut yo mouth.” “I’m just talkin’ ’bout Pulse.” “I can dig it.”

-Taking the airship to Mazera. Morning of second day of journey, deckhand is missing (young cabin boy).

-Nala finds his hat wedged between two crates in the storage hold, then his pants wedge in some other crates. Something might be behind the crates. Can’t move them in the air. Can’t smell blood, but there is a tinny smell in the air. Arcana check reveals that it’s the same energy as is used to make a portal.

-Have Wogar, being small, climb around behind the crates, looking around. Finds a little hollow formed by the stacked boxes. Deckhand is spread out along the surface of the hollow. Appears to still be alive. Has grown into the surface of the crates themselves.

Deep bad dark stuff.

-Religion check reveals legends of the prison of Torog – he made his prison of the Primordial he conquered (which maimed him). In this case, though, the Deckhand is not screaming. Deckhand doesn’t seem to mind anything anymore. Still aware, responds to someone calling his name (Nord) by focusing both eyes on them.

-Heal check, looking for pulse, respiration, etc. His veins are forming an arcane pattern of the like used to build portals.

-History check – Does anything tend to use living things to create portals? No. F’ing. Clue.

Time to kill the entity formerly known as Nord. Only the complete destruction of the fleshy bits will stop the portal from opening. Wogar makes with the stabbity, maggot-like tendrils come out.

Fight, fight, fight.
-The ship is taking damage.
-Jeton rolls a 1, manages to increase the size of the worm thing for 4 rounds.
-Worm has merged with the portal – New mission kill the worm to close the portal.

TIL Wogar is good at stabbing things in the gibblets.
TIL Halgar is mystical – ain’t gotta explain shit.

Fight, fight, fight.
-The crew is rapidly landing the airship ’cause WTF worm-portal-creature.

Halgar plays ring-around-the-wormy.

-Finally do enough damage. Worm knots around itself, explodes in a spray of pinkish-purplish-silvery gore which turns into ectoplasm and disappears.

-Emergency crash landing in the swamps around Aragona.

Everyone gets 1175xp. Even crappy wizards named Hadarai who would have been really useful to have around.



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