The Freehold of Shatterstone consists of a vast series of underground caverns and corridors hewn from the rock of the Shatterspine Mountains by a combination of primal power and arcane might. Ably administrated by the dragonforged Yorgrave, the few and simple laws of Shatterstone are enforced by the Stonesworn (formerly Vorlakk’s private army).

A popular form of entertainment in Shatterstone is the Arena. Generally the competition on offer is the ever popular Shatterstone Siegeball League, but gladiatorial combat is also common.


  • The Market. If it can be sold, it’s sold here (with a few exceptions. The flesh of sentient creatures was outlawed by Yorgrave immediately upon taking office, and the one memorable occasion when someone attempted to sell slaves ended with a visit from Vorlakk).
  • The Arena. Usually kept in Siegeball formation, the Arena can be remade to suit the occasion by a staff of mages kept on hand.
  • The Stonehold. Administrative center of Shatterstone, and home of the garrison.


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