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Timekeeping and the Celestial Realm

The world is not alone in the void between the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos. It orbits Pelor’s Gaze along with several wandering stars, and is orbited in turn by a dozen moons. Of those four are large enough to display details to the naked eye, and are named for the goddess Sehanine and her sisters, Hanali, Aerdrie and Dael.

The Moons

Sehanine is a large silvery orb marked with dark seas and scarred with craters. It’s face is slightly larger than the sun, and takes a bit less than 30 days to go from full to new to full again. Hanali, the Golden Heart, is about 2/3 the size of Sehanine, with a brassy hue. It moves through it’s phases faster than Sehanine, taking just under 15 days to complete a cycle. Aerdrie the Herald is the smallest and fastest of the moons, barely half the size of Hanali and taking a bit more than 7 days to pass through it’s phases, color shifting from azure, turquoise and ochre as it’s face changes. Dael is roughly the same size as Hanali but barely visible to the unaided eye due to it’s nearly black surface, though thin silver lines can sometimes be spotted tracing chaotic patterns across it. It is the slowest of the moons in it’s procession, cycling through it’s phases over the course of 70 days.

Counting Days

The calendar used to track these celestial movements and the march of the seaons in most civilized lands divides the year into 365 days split into 6 months of 29 days and 6 of 30. The remaining days are allotted to four seasonal festivals: the one-day Rights of Spring and Summer Festival, the three-day Thanksgiving that marks the end of the harvest and Ravenroost, the six days around midwinter between the end of one year and the start of the next.

The months are themselves divided into weeks or “flights” of seven days each, each day being held sacred by one or more of the gods. There are no formal names for the days, instead simply referred to as “Moradin’s Day” or simply “Moradin’s” as in “When I come by next Moradin’s you’d best have my money.” In order, they are: Pelor and Ioun; Moradin; Bahamut; Erathis; Kord; Avandra and Melora; Sehanine and Corellon. The Raven Queen claims no particular holy day.

The Seasons

Spring in the Basin usually begins in mid-Awakening, known in some areas as Fillbrook for the combination of heavy rain and meltwater floods. The weather slowly grows warmer and dryer moving into summer around the end of the Month of Bliss, though cool rain-bearing winds from the sea keep the heat from ever growing oppressive. The skies begin to grow overcast again moving into the Month of Harvest, with the first frosts coming as the leaves begin to turn during the aptly named Month of Leaves. Winter arrives officially with the last day of Sacrifice and the start of Slumber, with the first heavy snows generally coming a few weeks before Ravenroost.

The Month of Frost

The Month of Horns

Month of Awakening

The Rites of Spring

Month of Wilds

Month of Bliss

Month of Fallow

Summer Festival

Month of Hay

Month of Harvest

Month of Leaves

Harvest Festival (3 days)

Month of Wine

Month of Sacrifice

Month of Slumber

Ravenroost (6 days)

Campaign Calendar

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