“Cutter”—the only name you’ll get from her, though she had one before Reforging— is a melee specialist, though she does some ranged work as well.

She’s notable for being a unique reforged— her body was an experimental model, designed specifically to interface with the relic weapon “Cestus Ira”, a combination heavy gauntlet with incorporated spiked chains. Unusable by anyone without her specific interface points (which were designed specifically to interface with this weapon), it’s certainly unique.

She looks human, at a glance. Her body was crafted by artisans, though it reveals its artificial nature soon enough. Her eyes glow red when she sees, after all.

Despite her fearsome appearance, she’s actually fairly good-natured. It’s not in her manner to want to kill, and she’ll avoid it even when it’s the prudent thing to do. She’s seen too much death in her time, and bringing someone back from the dead is not always possible—better by far to let them live and let justice take its course through the system.

She’s lawful good at heart, genuinely believing in the system that she serves. She values stability and making life better for as many people as possible, that killing someone is a last resort, and that everyone has some bit of worth and goodness in them. She works to keep things running, and to keep too much power from accumulating anywhere. She hates tyranny, and while she doesn’t detest the Ten, she is wary of them.


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