Skyfall Basin: Into The Breach

Paragon Tier - Session 3

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Here: Jacob (Tim), Jonah (Jeton), Nick (Halgar), Yhsla (Nala), Chris (DM), Isaac (Hadarai), Rob (Wogar), Erin (Cutter).

-Covered in slowly evaporating goo, crashed in the swamp.

-In the coastal marshes, 30 miles south-southwest of Aragona. Three crew members died during the fight and crash, including Nord.

Because he teleports everywhere Hadarai is now the fattest Eladrin we’ve ever seen. Instead of a 28" waist he now has a 32" waist. SO FAT.

-Gonna repair the ship, going to take a few hours. Have to keep an eye out for a bit.

-Jeton slips into kitty form and goes off to torture birds – finds some plovers.

“We need swamp music!” Pandora channel, Credence Clearwater Revival – first song, Born on the Bayou. How did you know, Pandora? HOW DID YOU KNOW?

-Sun starts going down as we’re doing repairs. Cutter and Nala help with the repairs, everyone else in the party keeps a look out.

Official skiff from Aragona comes up. Bad Moon Rising comes up on Pandora. Lieutenant is in the garb of the Aragona guard. Tries to officiate us into letting him get salvage from the ship. Nala asks him how ‘My dear friend Lord Angrabyr is’ and proceeds to introduce everyone (helps to be rather famous adventurers, sometimes). Lieutenant is appropriately intimidated and joins in keeping a lookout instead. Lieutenant will also convey our greetings to Angrabyr and the message that we were fighting a Netherbeast of some sort when the airship when down.

-Hadarai shows up on his phantom steed. He was visiting the Sisters at the Ziggurat of Patient Death (where we ran into the Illithids working with the proto-wog liches, the place with the godless realm), apparently something is causing the Primeval there (the Black Maw) to stir.

-Tim got some goo from the destroyed gate and white worm. Hadarai does an arcana check (22), detects dimensional magic but doesn’t recognize anything beyond that.

“Yours is a strange, dark, twisting little mind, isn’t it, Wogar?” “That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

To Jeton the goo has the same feeling as things from outside the Universe – the Far Realms.

-Ship is fixed, now we fly? No! Now we get attacked by trolls riding giant turtles and shooting arrows the size of spears.

Vorlakk is the master of the gravity-assisted charge.
Fight fight fight.
Jeton’s turn comes up, Feel Like Makin’ Love, by Bad Company starts on Pandora.
TIL – Wogar likes cock ’cause sometimes a cigar is just a brown phallic thing you put in your mouth.
“Hadarai – Now a fat girl!” “What?”
-Hadarai sets all the mans on fire.
-Tim kills a troll with his napalm sword.
Napalm sticks to trolls. (Obligatory.)
-Fight fight fight.
DMs comp dies. Game delay!
About our players. “It’ll class you! It’s. the. classiest!”
-Wogar comes up, yoinks Fluttershy, uses him to get to the other part of the ship quickly.
-Nala breathes fire on the last troll remaining. (Yay, versatile breath.)
-Troll is captured, ship is freed.

Items Troll leader had a necklace – Onyx-like stone shot with dimly glowing veins, ina setting shaped like the lid of an eye. Dreamstone Amulet (if you look the item up, ignore the lore about it, it has nothing to do with this campaign, Chris is winging it.)
Cash 1433gp 61sp 90cp

Everyone gets 900xp.



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