Skyfall Basin: Into The Breach

Paragon Tier - Session 1

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Here: Erin (Cutter), Nick (Halgar), Rob (Wogar), Jona (Jeton), Yhsla (Nala).

Went over the details of relics. Please review relics information here.

-Vorlakk gone 2 years now.

-Rumors of Council working w/ Prince of Frost.

-Time for yearly meeting, Vorlakk doesn’t show up, only sends a message through the Sending Stones. “Find me! Its”. Message cuts off.

-Tim busy w/ running Mazara, can’t come.

-Hadarai busy in his tower, can’t come.

-We are meeting in Mazara.

-Small tavern frequented by academics near the University district of the city. Tavern is run by Kat.

-Nala and Cutter show up (Cutter originally a friend of Sililat, Nala’s eldest daughter). Then Jeton. Then Wogar (sent as a representative of Vorlakk and Shatterstone). Then Halgar.

-Group decides we’re going to find Vorlakk, start our search in Shatterstone.

If Ziggy Stardust and Liberachi had a baby, a freaky, freaky baby, it would be Jeton. Jeton is Ziggerachi.

Side Job – While we wait in Mazara for a week, while Tim, Nala, etc. wrap up their affairs to head out, Wogar, Cutter, and Halgar take a side job to make some extra money. They learn that a Tortosan noble is smuggling a dangerous relic into the city. They’re not the only ones trying to learn about the relic (an item which makes high level blasting patches), the others are some sailors who look like they have Darkling heritage (turn out to be Bulliwugs). The Bulliwugs are serving someone they call the Mistress (turn out to be a lich called the Bella Donna, formerly a Mazaran noble who was banished for dabbling in black magic). While working as ‘consultants’ for the Mazara guard (to make it official), after a counter ambush and chase, Our Heroes defeat the Bulliwugs and capture the Bella Donna. They reclaim the relic and hand it over to Mazara officials, to keep a dangerous item out of dangerous hands.

-Travelling to Shatterstone. We catch a boat to Casalle, then go by mount to Shatterstone. Tortosa is fly-over country now, mostly just fishing and “trade” (see: piracy), so we don’t go near Tortosa. They are a wretched hive of scum and villainy. On our way up the road to Shatterstone we come across an ambush, noticing it in time so that we end up ambushing the ambushers.

-Ambushers: 3 humans, 1 dwarf, 1 gnoll, 1 tiefling, 1 ogre. Dwarf seems to be in charge, wearing very shiny scale armor, some kind of protective cloak, carrying a very rune-covered hammer. Everyone else is wearing leather and cloth. Tiefling appears to be a wizard.

We come up with various hand signals to represent different creatures/classes. I hope someone really did write this down ’cause they were hilarious.

-Fight fight fight.

Halgar hits all the things using Spinning Leopard Maneuver. Halgar’s a badass now.

-The dwarf says something in supernal and dominates Cutter, Wogar, and Jeton. End of session. Please see following photos for map positions. General Map. Close up of combat.



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